Optimus Screw


  • Optimus D Mini Screw system is the most optimized for clinicians. It provides clinicians with fast and effective tools for a full range of orthodontic cases treatment. Optimus D Mini Screws can be placed in the Maxilla and the Mandible area with the purpose of offering a true alternative to conventional anchorage methods.
    • Self-tapping and self-drilling minimize the need for tissue punches or pilot drills
    • Tissue-suppression stops to prevent overgrowth of tissue
    • Smooth and polished transmucosal collars prevent infection
    • Buttress thread design enhances pullout strength
    • Rounded Hexahead design helps to smoothly remove the shaft from screw head
    • Dual cutting threads remove bone debris in high density bone
    • Flute thread helps an initial drill with removing bone debris in high density bone


  • Double Head Type
  • Button Head Type
  • Wing Head Type
  • Cross Head Screw with Collar


  • TIN-008 Sterilization & Logistic Block
  • IOC-010 Driver Handle
  • DDS-L01 Driver Shaft for Handle,
    Double & Wing Head Type
  • DDS-L02 Driver Shaft for Handle,
    Button Head Type
  • DDS-S01 / DDS-S02 Driver Shaft for Handpieces,
    Double & Wing Head Type
  • DDS-S03 / DDS-S04 Driver Shaft for Handpieces,
    Button Head Type
  • SDS-01 Driver Shaft Cross Head Type